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About Wabi Sabi

Our name, Wabi Sabi, springs from the Japanese philosophy of not just accepting, but embracing the beauty of imperfection. We seek to pursue delight in distortion, and elegance in simplicity. We focus on ingredients and hospitality to provide guests unexpected and unforgettable experiences that redefine luxury and hospitality.


Wabi Sabi opened in 2018 compressing the breadth and depth of Japan's culinary traditions into five signature dishes focused on quality and flawless execution. Today, our menu features traditional rolls and hand rolls, meticulous omakase platters, refined vegetarian offerings, and various private dining experiences. Guests can enjoy an ever changing array of seasonal and hard to find ingredients served in multiple formats, while also enjoying the ability to customize donburi with various bases and sauces.


From the Press


"The execution is all about the freshness of ingredients and gets straight to the point of flavor."


"Wabi Sabi does sushi like no one else in Miami, now you can see for yourself why we’re addicted."


"You really won’t find many casual spots that put such an emphasis on craft and authenticity."

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